Sydney Wedding Florist + Styling Prices

Getting a price or quote for a wedding is never a straight forward process.

There’s always questions to answer, logistics to consider, time of year, amount of guests, flower types, so many emails, phone calls, consultations, blah blah blah (pass me the wine, damn it!).

 After watching our couples waste SAH many hours, we thought “Let’s make this easy and simple and fun!”

We are ANTI set wedding packages.

Instead, pick which items you want (or tell us what you have in mind), we’ll customise it specifically to your day, and if your reach a minimum spend, we can have FREE access to our entire styling collection. 

Sydney wedding prices packages florist

“But, that sounds confusing and not at all transparent and pls gimme more info so I fully understand..”

Lemme break it down for ya. 

No two ‘wedding packages’ will ever suit the same people.

You probably wont have the same size wedding party. Or maybe your venue already includes candles in your reception package. Every venue is different, so we don’t want you to pay for things you don’t need.

Are you catching what I’m saying?

BUT, if you do end up spending a large amount on your flowers, stationery, candles, we’re going to have to bring our whole team along, hire another van PLUS we wont take on any other weddings that weekend.. which means our warehouse will be sitting there full of all this pretty stuff that isn’t being used.

Our theory is – We’ve got the staff, we’ve got the vans, we can get all our stuff there and we have enough people to set it all up, so we want YOU to use all our beautiful equipment so its not just sitting around in our warehouse doing nothing all weekend.

I like to work with the seasons, whats available, whats good quality.

I’m always looking for new suppliers and new trends. Your wedding might not be for another 12 months, and during this time you might come to me and say ‘THAT EPIC BOHO VIBE WE PICKED IS OUT. WE WANT NEON FLURO PINK** ERRRYTHING’. No problem, we just work this into your existing budget instead of starting from scratch again.

**Side note. Fluro neon pink everything is a terrible idea. 

We totally understand that this process may not be suitable for everyone.

In which case we’d be more than happy to hook you up with some of our favourite humans/wedding experts who might better suit your special day.

You are more than welcome to hire us just to create your wedding flowers.

But what we LOVE doing is creating incredible full-service weddings. Full-service means we take care of everything from bridal bouquets, reception styling, place cards, menus, candles, flowers (all those things that make your day look pretty – just like your face). This means your wedding will look cohesive (aka, not like 7 different people have come along and slapped together 7 different looks that just DO NOT work together).

As the legendary Ron Swanson says ‘Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing’. And if you’ve done your research, you’ll know that you’ll avoid paying multiple labour /delivery fees to various vendors, essentially saving you a buttload of money… winner!)

Sydney wedding stylist prices packages

Our minimum spends

If we’ve learned anything, it’s that no two weddings are ever the same, and neither are wedding budgets! 

In order to give our couples the attention they deserve, we do have minimum spends.. don’t worry, this is a good thing! It means we dont have to take on as many weddings through out the year and therefore we can give you our undivided attention! 

For couples seeking Flowers Only (wedding party + ceremony + reception), our minimum spend is $3,000 + gst

And for those after a bit more, such as flowers, candles, stationery.. you know, all that pretty stuff! Our minimum spend is $5,000 + gst

AAAANNDD those of you who spend over $10,000 + gst will get free access to our ENTIRE styling collection. Yup, you read that right. Go cray cray in our warehouse and pick out the perfectly coloured napkins, stunning crystal champagne coupes, neon signs, hundreds and hundreds of disco balls.. take your pick! 

Note: we can definitely supply just your wedding party flowers, if that’s what you’re after. Please reach out for a quote. 

Let us style your wedding!

we just adore weddings and would be totally honoured to help with your special day.

If you’d love a team of experts to help bring your vision to life, get in touch or fill in our Wedding Quote Form to get the ball rollin’. 

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