GIVE A SHIT WORKSHOP – August 2019 – Trash to Treasure

GIVE A SHIT Workshop, August 2019 – Trash to Treasure 

HOLY CRAP this was a fun day. Eleven hilarious, fun and total legends/babes came together for an amazing day of laughs, drinking, flowering, eating and becoming best friends 4eva! Oh, and did I mentioned we raised FIVE HUNDRED BUCKS for HeadSpace. Someone pinch me!

The theme for this workshop was trash to treasure. I am mad for recycling, up cycling and repurposing. I hate waste. So basically, I collected a bunch of stuff that would normally be deemed ‘trash’ and together we turned those things into styling treasure! See those big, pink cylinders we used for the install? They’re actually just mailing tubes. And the place cards? Smashed up old tiles from my backyard. All the candles were leftovers from weddings I’ve styled. The tulle on the table came from the scrap fabric bin at Reverse Garbage, and the chair in our install I found on the side of the road (and it wasn’t even council clean up week.. score!!).

Big shout out to all the gals who made this day fabulous. And thanks to the epic Gemma Clarke for making us all look stunning with her photography wizardry skillzzz, and The Carpenter for hosting us in their epic space. 

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